Was wolseys fotiegn policy an expensive failure essay

How Successful was Wolsey's Foreign Policy? Advantages The capture of the towns Therouanne and Tournai, reflected Henry's strong kingship. Territories not viewed as permanent but instead a bargaining tool for future relations with France Wolsey successful peace broker, Treaty of London was his greatest success, binding twenty countries together in peace. London became to centre of peace, importantly England was no longer in diplomatic isolation.

Was wolseys fotiegn policy an expensive failure essay

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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. According to Scarisbrick it was Wolsey who shaped this campaign, and also where he proved his competence to Henry.

The securing of the Treaty of Etaples in was one method employed to do this. This was the treaty that ended the war against France. This was a great diplomatic success, and one that Wolsey took, and was given, credit for. It was the first time an English Princess had become Queen of France, and provided a valuable alliance with France for a while.

The restoration of the French Pension was also welcomed eagerly as the French campaign had cost a great deal. The English retaining Tournai was a displeasure for France because of its strategic position within the Netherlands. All this evidence would indicate that Wolsey was very successful in his pursuing of peace with France and Scotland and prestige in Europe.

Only one year later, inFerdinand, ruler of Spain also died leaving in his place a young Charles V. The ascension of Charles ruined the first part of this: Maximillian also decided to make peace with France.

Blatantly, this was not what Wolsey had been seeking, but in terms of keeping peaceful relations with as many other countries as possible, this clearly was successful. In October an Anglo- French peace treaty was signed, while at the same time a representative of the Pope was sent to England in order to mobilise a campaign against the Ottomans.

This papal initiative was taken over by Wolsey and extended it to become a treaty of universal peace and friendship known as the Treaty of London. It was signed by many of the most important leaders in Europe including Francis I, Maximillian, Charles I and the Pope, and it was hailed as a great moral, political and diplomatic triumph, engineered by Wolsey.

Surely a glorious moment for Wolsey — his aim for peace was spectacularly pulled off, he had successfully and skilfully pressurised France into an alliance while remaining on good terms with everyone else as well.

However, the treaty has been criticised for being merely an exercise in egoism for Wolsey — the Treaty did not last and was seen by many as an empty gesture of self-advertisement.

Was wolseys fotiegn policy an expensive failure essay

Therefore the costly extravaganza of the Field of the Cloth of Gold was held — apparently a meeting between the two leaders, Francis and Henry, but in reality a display of their wealth in an attempt to outdo the other.

At the same time it was an opportunity for Wolsey to discuss matters with Francis. By declaring war on France, Wolsey was attempting to derive as much advantage out of the situation as possible: At the same time, he wanted to safeguard the cloth trade with the Netherlands, increase English prestige in Europe and to back the winning side in the Habsburg-Valois conflict.

In August an army was sent to France in an attempt to take Paris with the support of the Duke of Bourbon. It did not work: The English troops therefore withdrew. After the failure to reap any benefits from Charles after helping to secure the victory over France, Wolsey performed a desperate volte-face and allied with France in the Treaty of The More, despite the Anglo-Habsburg dynastic ties, the importance of safe guarding cloth trade and hostile public opinion.

Was wolseys fotiegn policy an expensive failure essay

In he joined the anti-Habsburg League of Cognac. The Pope broke off negotiations for divorce and these were never to be resumed. So in order to answer the question. These can mainly be seen to be to increase English prestige abroad and to avoid war. Was English prestige abroad increased? Not really is the only sensible answer.

Clearly, Charles did not regard England highly — he did not even reward her for her role in the defeat of France. Most of the time, the answer must be yes. Only at two points during his time in power was England ever on the brink of war, and for most of the fifteen years, England was the successful mediator in the Habsburg-Valois conflict.

A good example is the Treaty of London, which Wolsey engineered, whose aim was to provide peace for the whole of Europe. Therefore, in conclusion, it was with little long-term success that Wolsey pursued his foreign policy — whilst rewards like Tournai and ephemeral diplomatic prowess were good at the time, he achieved little of any long-term eminence, which surely shows that he was not very successful.Thomas Wolsey’s fall from power Essay.

The most important reason for Wolsey’s fall from power was his failure to obtain a divorce. How far do you agree? Wolsey was a cardinal and statesman, Henry’s lord chancellor and most faithful servant, whom he was most reliant upon.

From . Was Wolsey’s fotiegn policy an expensive failure? Essay. Beginning 3 supports the thought that Henry VIII’s foreign policy was really rather successful ; ‘Henry and Wolsey had good ground to believe that they had been really successful’.

In my opinion, Henry VIII’s foreign policy was an expensive failure. Although he did experience some isolated successes, they did not outweigh the failures or the cost. To add further insult to Henry’s failure, I think that a lot of the success England experienced in the period was more down to Wolsey than Henry.

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