The factors that determine the nature

What are the factors that affect your personality? Anika Sharma Definition of Personality: The term personality has been defined differently by different psychologists.

The factors that determine the nature

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Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. A more viscous thick magma will produce a more violent eruption This is controlled in part by the concentration of silica in the magma.

The temperature of the magma is also a factor. One other factor is the amount of dissolved volatiles in the magma chlorine gas, water and other gases. A magma with a lot of dissolved gases will form a lot of large bubbles.

It is the bursting of these bubbles that causes an eruption to be explosive, so the more volatiles in the magma, the more violent the eruption.

Related to this is the presence of external water. When a magma interacts with water, the water is super heated and rapidly evaporates. This evaporation is explosive and creates a phreatomagmatic eruption Look up "fuel-coolant interactions" for more information. What are volcanic eruptions?

A volcano erupts because there is mass pressure under it. In avolcano there is hot, melted rock called lava. The hot lavaproduces gasses that build up underground until there is too muchfor the rock to contain, that makes the eruption. When there is toomuch, it bursts the volcano.

The factors that determine the nature

There are two types of eruptions. Non explosive and explosive. Whenthey are explosive, it is caused by clouds of hot debris and gases. What is a volcanic eruption? A volcanic eruption is an event in which material from a volcano,usually molten rock and gas, are ejected onto the surface.

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Eruptions can range from fairly gentle outpourings of lava toenormous explosions that sent ash and rock miles into the sky? What are three types of plate boundaries where volcanic eruptions can occur?

Divergent plate boundaries are locations where plates are moving away from one another. This occurs above rising convection currents. Convergent plate boundaries are locations where lithospheric plates are moving towards one another. The plate collisions that occur in these areas can produce earthquakes, volcanic activity and crustal deformation.

Transform Plate Boundaries are locations where two plates slide past one another. The fracture zone that forms a transform plate boundary is known as a transform fault. Most transform faults are found in the ocean basin and connect offsets in the mid-ocean ridges.

Identify three hazards of volcanic eruptions? The silica content effects the force of a volcanic eruption becausemagma with a lot of silica is thicker and magma with less silica isthinner.

The amount of dissolved gases in magma effects the forceof a volcanic eruption because the less gas in the magma, the lesspressure will be inside the volcano.

The temperature of the magmaeffects the force of a volcanic eruption because the hotter themagma, the more runny it is. What factors determine the force of a volcano eruption?A number of factors determine the level of competition within an industry.

Several typologies have been developed to categorize these competitive forces. For example, Michael Porter, in his book Competitive Advantage, identifies five factors that determine the nature and degree of competition in an industry: 1.

Judges use four factors to resolve fair use disputes, as discussed in detail below. the nature of the copyrighted work; fair use. Unfortunately, claiming fair use doesn’t mean that the work qualifies as a fair use.

Only a court can determine that. In truth, we don’t believe that there is really any disclaimer that would be effective. In the past, debates over the relative contributions of nature versus nurture often took a very one-sided approach, with one side arguing that nature played the most important role and the other side suggesting that it was nurture that was the most significant.

Today, most experts recognize that both factors play a . The biological factors are of biogenic by nature and include those of heredity, endocrine glands, physique and physical condition, nervous system, etc. A vivid description of these is given below: 1. The following factors determine the size of the firm.

1. Resource availability: The extent of resources that are available and that can be arranged by the entrepreneur determines the size of the firm.

Factors determining size of a firm. Home. Business. Small Scale Industries. Nature of product: If the product manufactured is large, the.

The nature of a volcanic eruption is determined by the temperature, viscosity and the amount of dissolved gases in the magma, according to San Diego State University. These factors determine whether an eruption is calm and nonviolent or explosive.

Factors determining size of a firm