Positve and negative effects on imperialism

Under the government control the Congolese people were free. Although they were banned from local white establishments and discriminated because of the color of their skin and their culture. The Congolese people were forced to replace their religion with christianity by the Roman Catholic and Protestant Church. War became common because the lack of unifying instructions.

Positve and negative effects on imperialism

Positive and negative effects of imperialism Positive and negative effects of imperialism Imperialism refers to the policy of extending a countries power over other regions and countries through colonization or military use.

In the late 20th century, a number of countries were fighting for freedom. Countries like America and India became independent of imperialism and are now democratic.

However ill this concept sounds, it has done a lot to develop the world. It has its positive sides as well as the negative ones.

Positive effects of Imperialism It is needless to mention how positive it is for the imperialists. Imperialism gave the imperialists a new market, a new labor force, a new supply of raw materials. Cheap and easy to find raw materials and labor force was the main attraction for the industrialists to imperialize certain countries.

The efforts put in by Europe to colonize weak countries resulted in improvement of education and sanitation in the colonized countries. Countries such as African regions were so desolate that they needed proper education facilities.

Literacy rates came up. In major parts of the world, the education system being followed was set up by the imperialists themselves.

Positve and negative effects on imperialism

A thriving example is India itself. With moderations, it is definitely following the British system of Education. Africa specially gained a lot from Imperialism. Schools and hospitals were built.

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Factories were set up increasing job opportunities. Unemployment was well taken care of during Imperialism. Also, with betterment of medical services, average life expectancy went up. Imperialism brought about a lot of political order and stability in many of the colonies. Africa was tamed, one can say.

Regional disputes and warfare were stopped, unnecessary wars curbed. The products manufactured by the colonies were sold in the international market, hence making the colonies richer. The colonies expanded economically. Nations unified and globalization following imperialism.

Also, in the process to get rid of imperialists, nations came together within themselves. Garbage collectors and business men — all came together to form a team and rid the country of outsiders. Negative effects of Imperialism One of direct effects of imperialism was that colonies lost their lands and were under the control of their colonizers.

Diseases like small pox were carried out of Europe and into the colonies. Due to such diseases people died, since they had no resistance to them. Africa was a major victim here. In the imperial states, natives were subjected to slavery. They lost their sense of independence and were assaulted mentally as well as physically.

The mother nations were subjected to heavy taxation policies, draining them of their wealth. Natives had no role in the government which was pathetic.

Even if they were chosen to represent the government, it was name sake.the motives for European Imperialism.

What do they believe were the positive and negative effects of imperialism on the colonizer and the colony? Assessment Students’ Cornell notes on African Imperialism can be graded for completeness and correctness.

A score of 80% or higher will be considered mastery. Feb 05,  · Imperialism has been a major force in shaping the modern world.

The effects of Imperialism have been interpreted from a variety of viewpoints. This major Imperialism occurred during the late 19th Century and early 20th century. It had more negative effects in the modern world today then positive heartoftexashop.com: Resolved.

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Part A: The following documents provide information about the effects of imperialism on Africa. Examine the documents carefully, and answer the questions that follow.

Lenin and trotsky compare and contrast essays Paper writing help The British Imperialism in India British imperialism was developed as a result of the seven years war that pitted colonial empires against each other. Most countries in Europe were envious of India.
Economic Issues What were the Positive Effects of american Imperialism? American navy greatly benefited from imperialism; it allowed them to establish ports around the world to service the fleet.
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What are the positive effects of imperialism? | eNotes Its sheer size, economy, territories, and technological advancements make it so influential that many smaller nations or cultures look up to America as if it were a god.
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Document 1 This excerpt is adapted from Imperialism by J.A. Hobson, a British scholar. Imperialism is more of a negative idea than a positive one – it signifies a nation’s thirst for expansion at the expense of others. Still, it has its advantages, which we will .

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