My experience and research interest

At least I think it was. Do you expect me to remember that far back?

My experience and research interest

My patient experience with Dr. Though Lyme Complex may be a better term. He recommended an extended course of antibiotics along side nutritional support for anywhere up to 18 months.

My experience and research interest

The strategy being to treat up until the point that symptoms resolve and then continue for 3 months after that just to be sure. The big decision being whether to pursue treatment with a doctor who primarily favoured the use of antibiotics or instead choose one that preferred other means of getting the Lyme and any co-infections under control.

One that included detoxification, addressing heavy metals, dietary changes, exercise, parasite eradication, immune support etc. But the question loomed large as to whether I should use the antibiotics. This choice weighed heavily on my mind for a number of months during which I researched other patients stories and learned everything I could through the internet.

However there appeared to be My experience and research interest reasons on both sides of the treatment equation. What helped maintain my sanity during this extended decision process was framing the decision as a win-win.

Two potentially powerful methods of recovery, but which to try first? I had come across his protocol 2 years previously when a naturopath I hold in high regard had recommended his work.

I had been impressed by Dr. I only had to wait two months before being able to visit the clinic, securing two appointments with Dr.

Katie Dahlgren and thanks to a cancellation one with Dr. The building itself is modern and well designed having only recently opened in Klinghardt and usually you must spend a certain period of time being treated by one of the clinics N.

From what I gather it seems all of the N. Klinghardt are highly proficient and experienced in treating Lyme, some of them like Dr. Klinghardt having recovered from it themselves.

My host was Teresa who had reclaimed her own health through the use of natural and alternative therapies and was familiar with Dr.

Best of all she has a collection of guitars that guests are welcome to play. I had the rest of my meals all organic delivered to her house through a local company called Dancing Woman, it was expensive but worth it.

Cooking is the last thing on your mind after a long day at the clinic. D who took my patient history and performed an extensive session of Autonomic Response Testing A.

T is an energetic testing system created by Dr. K that is similar to Applied Kinesiology but specifically focuses on the Autonomic Nervous System and uniquely incorporates the dynamics of the human bio-photon field or light body.

Dahlgren prescribed an extensive protocol for me. D was a kind and patient practitioner answering all my questions and appearing to have a very thorough understanding of Lyme disease. It was explained that I may get worse before I get better and that anywhere up to 18 months is realistic time frame in which to expect recovery.

She told me that when patients stuck to their protocol the clinics success rate was high. K himself and I must admit I was fairly excited going into it.

I explained this joke to his assistant and she laughed while Dr. Too busy healing people I guess….

My experience and research interest

K has the air of a a true healer and instantly makes you feel relaxed. He treated me with care, his full attention and as though I was an equal. After taking his own history he addressed each of the questions I had for him and then proceeded to conduct his own A.

He asked a lot of questions as he went along and worked closely in tandem with his assistant practitioner. He advised that it would be very difficult for me to heal unless I had these sites re-opened and cleaned, recommending a short list of dentists he trusted to do the job.

He utilised Applied Psycho Neurobiology another of Dr. He provided more than a few nuggets of quality life advice along the way and added a few extra supplements and homeopathics to the list Dr.

My final session was a follow up with Dr Dahlgren which involved further A. T testing to refine my diet and also some Neural Therapy in which she is highly proficient.A statement of academic research interest is specific to an academic career.

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It is often written as part of the application to a ‘tenure-track’ or permanent post. my personal statement? Before you begin to write, make a list of points you like to cover in the statement. Consider your educational and career goals and select items from your list that reflect experience, skills, and interests that relate.

Your essay should have a beginning, middle, and ships/research experiences, leadership and. “Because of my earnings from HubPages, I've been able to pay my bills and support my goal of becoming a published author. ”. My arms were covered w/ horrid sores, most are now healed but still have white patches, hair badly infested and falling out, low energy, poor concentration, & cyclic pain/stiff joints.

Timothy V NDEs 9/16/ NDEs Exceptional Experiences. I was instantly in this place of golden light and pure love. I was standing in . The Research Experience As I stated before, I have always been interested in research; I enjoy finding the interesting and complex connections between sometimes equally complex ideas.

However, the research I conducted for this project was different from any research I had previously done in my undergraduate career.

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