Mcdonalds imc context analysis

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Mcdonalds imc context analysis

It means that every form of communications that originates from a business or a campaigned is linked together in some way. This allows every promotional tool that is being used to be able to work together in a more harmonious way.


The end goal is simple: There are a number of examples of IMC being effective in the world today. Here are a few reasons why focusing on IMC is so important.

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Beware the Millennials The Millennials are the most technically savvy generation to come along so far. Generation Z will likely strip them of this title when they come of age, but until then, the Millennials rule the tech world.

The average marketer will see this, assume that technically savvy people will shop online for items, and recommend e-commerce solutions. More than half of Mcdonalds imc context analysis Millennials will shop in-person for items at least once per week.

Without IMC, this information would never be known. The Coca-Cola Foundation Consistent messaging is the hallmark of the Coca-Cola brand — at least their primary brand, that is.

The red background with white lettering is so recognized, in fact, that there are three words common to most languages in the world today.

What can businesses learn from this? That it is important to focus on one key piece of communication and then expand from there. Citibank Bicycles Citibank offers a wide range of financial products to customers. Because of this recognition, Citibank has the opportunity to extend that brand recognition through IMC to other potential product offerings.

Why are these bicycles a good example of integrated marketing communication? It comes from the visual impact of the bicycle when compared to the traditional branding that people already know.

This allows people to recognize that Citibank is sponsoring the bicycles, creates a consistent message with the similar branding, and encourages people to use their banking products.

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Outside of the Andy Warhol paintings, that is? For most people, it is the slogan that the brand has. This message, which some might call a tagline, has been distributed through every advertising medium that has been used throughout the years — including YouTube.

Mcdonalds imc context analysis

Why is a tagline effective integrated marketing communication? The chemistry in the connection helps people to see that the advertising message might be different for a different customer segment, but the results are the same: InFedEx launched a marketing campaign that focused on two distinct outreach methods: The message was to tell people that solutions matter.

Since FedEx delivers, they chose to deliver their marketing at an individualized level. This shows that sometimes actions communicate just as much as words communicate sometimes.

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Integrated marketing communication is integral to the success of any expansion effort. With consistent communications, a prospect will feel like they are in-sync with a company.Integrated marketing communication [IMC] at its core is a pretty basic concept.

It means that every form of communications that originates from a business or a campaigned is linked together in some way.

Mcdonalds imc context analysis

This 8 The external environment and its effect on strategic marketing planning is achieved through well-designed and managed marketing activities resulting in a 2 perceived superior quality product and high brand image and recognition. American Fast Food in Chinese Market: A Cross-Cultural Perspective The Case of KFC and McDonald’s ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This Master’s dissertation was written during the spring of at the International Marketing Programme at Halmstad University.

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