Indian civil service: grievance redressal mechanism essay

But today we have reached such a stage that corruption is not only taken for granted but people with money are most respected by the society. The root cause of poor governance is corruption. The recent exposes, disclosure of financial scams have highlighted the extent of corruption that is going on across the country.

Indian civil service: grievance redressal mechanism essay

In order to be successful, a grievance redressal system must possess seven attributes: It is best to have a simple form or an online drop down menu where an employee can effortlessly submit a grievance or complaint as he wishes to offline or online or even by SMS callback. As one of my bosses used to say about grievance management: In earlier days, before the IT Boom and prior to the advent of Internet, there used to be cards or forms which could be filled up and put in easily accessible drop boxes which were located all over the workplace, canteens and shop-floors.

If an employee has a grievance she or he must know where and how to submit it and the procedure must be fast and easy.

The system must work and be seen to work and there must be proper monitoring, follow-up and feedback to the employees and all concerned about the status and processing of the complaint. The grievance redressal procedure must ensure that it is made unambiguously and clearly evident to all employees that there is an honest and transparent effort to resolve all grievances in a fair and just manner.

It must be gender sensitized, culturally consonant and in harmony with the prevailing environment. Most importantly, it must be modern and technologically savvy and in sync with contemporary times.

Grievances must be treated with utmost empathy and this fact must be evident to all the employees. There must constant two-way communication between the senior management and the complainant.

Sometimes a proactive approach is highly appreciated by employees as it nips grievances in the bud.

Indian civil service: grievance redressal mechanism essay

An impression must be made on employees that all grievances are taken seriously, treated sympathetically and handled with genuine earnestness with the objective of resolving them amicably, speedily and to the entire satisfaction of all concerned. The employee must have no fear of reprisal from those who he is complaining against even if they are his seniors.

Checks and balances must be put in place in order to ensure that there is absolutely no victimization or harassment of the employee who is submitting a grievance or making a complaint and whistle-blowers must be protected. There must be total transparency in the procedure and justice must be done and justice must also seen to be done in a free and fair manner.

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All Rights Reserved Did you like this blog post?The contemporary civil service cultivated an ethic of civil service pursuant where the servants were expected to act by their subjective responsibilities (Thompson, , ). In Thompson 's () view, deinstitutionalization is happening in the civil service institution ().

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Indian civil service: grievance redressal mechanism essay

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Grievance Redressal Mechanism in Indian Life Insurance Industry: customer from his point of view which always provides Grievance Redressal Policy to strengthen the redressal scope for improving service quality.

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There should be effective grievance redressal mechanism There should be timely revisions Proper implementation of Citizen Charters can go a long way in improvement of public service delivery and overall governance, so every effort must be made for their better implementation.