Impact of british culture

Summary Christmas, of course, is to honor the birth of a humble itinerant rabbi from the ancient world. Emperors and governors have come and gone, but it is this man Jesus whose birth we still celebrate years later. We hope everyone can enjoy this account in the delightful spirit of Christmas. Even most non-Christians at least respect Jesus as a great moral teacher.

Impact of british culture

But even this is not as precise or narrow as I wanted it to be for the simple reason that one can interpret the question of culture in many ways. Culture also means different things to different people. Faced with such a conundrum, I thought it better to examine the realm of intellectual and popular culture, politics, and the arts to demonstrate how Caribbean Americans influenced the making of the United States in big ways and small ways and in ways of which we are not always conscious.

Thus it seemed to me, particularly in a month entitled National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, that I could take the thirty or forty minutes allotted to me to speak about the varied ways in which the activities of the Caribbean and its people-even though our number is small-impacted on the making of the United States especially when the president of the United States has proclaimed that Caribbean-Americans are part of a great national tradition.

During National Caribbean-American Heritage Month we honor their history, culture, and essential role in the American narrative.

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I will look at three aspects of this relationship as it developed over the course of the last two hundred and fifty years or so. As tiny as it is, the Caribbean has had a tremendous impact on the making of the United States and the modern world.

I can demonstrate this point by asking you to go into your pockets or your wallets, take out a ten dollar note, and tell me what you see on it.

On one side you will see a picture of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States; the U. Treasury Building is featured on the back. Then, you might want to ask, why are these two pictures there? They are there because Alexander Hamilton was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention ina major author of the Federalist Papers, and, most relevant to our discussion, he was the first secretary of the U.

Not satisfied Impact of british culture this answer, you may still want to ask why these facts should be important to Caribbean people. At the age of eleven he moved to St.

Impact of british culture

Croix to work in an accounting firm before he moved to the U. The path that Hamilton took is a path with which most of us here today are familiar. It is a path that most of us have taken. We can argue that it is as a direct result of the position taken by Hamilton in those early days when the republic was being formed that we can now claim Obama as the first black president of the union.

He had demonstrated the creative uses of government and helped to weld the states irreversibly into one nation. In those nascent days of the American republic, the Caribbean also contributed enormously to the making of the United States through the tremendous victory of the Haitian people over the French, the British, and the Spanish armies at the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth centuries.

Sometimes we tend to pass over this world-shattering event without recognizing the important role it played in the making of the contemporary world in which we live. We should not forget that the freedom you and I enjoy today; that the freedom that eight hundred thousand colored people enjoy in the British West Indies; the freedom that has come to the colored race the world over, is largely due to the brave stand taken by the black sons of Haiti ninety years ago.

When they struck for freedom, they built better than they knew. Their swords were not drawn and could not be drawn simply for themselves alone. They were linked and interlinked with their race, and striking for their freedom, they struck for the freedom of every black man in the world.

I regard her as the original pioneer emancipator of the nineteenth century. It was scarcely troubled even by a dream of this crime against justice and liberty. When the revolution began in France and the Paris masses stormed the Bastille, it opened up a space for the enslaved masses in the Caribbean to fight for their freedom, a process that C.

James chronicled so well in his book, Black Jacobins. Napoleon would have none of it. Haiti had made France one of the richest countries in the world. It had to keep the Haitian people in chains to maintain its economic advantage.

Therefore to secure French interests in the Caribbean, Napoleon sent the might of the French army, under the command of General Charles Leclerc, his brother-in-law, to recapture Haiti and re-impose slavery in that island, a position that Thomas Jefferson, the president of the United States at the time, supported.

The might of the Haitian army put an end to that ambition. As a direct consequence of his defeat in Haiti, Napoleon sold Louisiana to the United States for a pittance to extricate himself from that disaster.

In other words, it was because of the heroic struggle of Caribbean people that the United States was able to purchase Louisiana in The purchase of Louisiana,1, square miles of territory, the most extensive piece of land the United States had ever acquired up until that point, allowed the country to expand from thirteen tiny states in the northeast and about four others to a massive empire in North America.

The states the U. From that point the United States went on to become a continental power and later a world power. Without them, the United States might never have gained control of the Mississippi and the Midwest. Like David Rudder, our poet laureate, we ought to join with him and sing: The massive migration of Caribbean people to the United States of America during the early twentieth century gave us another opportunity to make our impact upon the liberation process that was taking place in this country in the area of politics and the arts.

Since we are in New York, I refer to three Caribbean American persons who had a massive impact upon the making of the U.

And while we are at it, let us talk about the cross fertilization of ideas between the two societies that was taking place continuously as we developed side by side.

Marcus Garvey, one of the most important political figures of twentieth- century America, had heard and read much about the work of Booker T.Feb 17,  · Introduction. The Highland Clearances is still a very emotive subject to many people, in many parts of the world, today.

It consistently provokes people to take sides and has led to deep, and. The British colonization of Kenya destroyed the culture and economy of the native people, but it established a democratic government and left Kenya a more modernized country.[1] During the ’s through , the start of WWI, was an age of imperialism.

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