How language mirrors the world

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How language mirrors the world

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The Motor Theory of Language: A Multidisciplinary Approach ed.

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From Schema Theory to Language. Le Sens du Mouvement. Language and Problems of Knowledge: The View from Building New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind. The Co-evolution of Language and the Brain. European Journal of Neuroscience Wittgenstein's Place in Twentieth-century Analytic Philosophy.

Origins and Evolution of Language and Speech.

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From GB to Minimalism. In The Evolution of Communication Systems: Action Representation in Mirror Neurons". Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics. A Memoir with a Biographical Sketch by G.

The Duty of Genius.

LANGUAGE AS A MIRROR OF THE WORLD: Reconciling picture theory and language games - Cogprints

Brain and Behavioral Sciences. Strategies of cognitive science and techniques of modern brain imaging open a window to the neural systems responsible for thought".

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How language mirrors the world

The isomorphism between the world and language survives in the Philosophical Investigations but with its pole reversed from the earlier philosophy: that is, the structure of language is still isomorphic with the structure of reality but this is not because language mirrors the logical form of the universe.

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Read more. - Chris Abani We often think that language mirrors the world in which we live, and I find that's not true. The language actually makes the world in which we live. Language and Thought Processes. Language is more than just a means of communication. In other words, language acts like a polarizing lens on a camera in filtering reality--we see the real world only in the categories of our language.

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