Grapes of wrath intercalary chapters essay


Grapes of wrath intercalary chapters essay

Use of Literary Devices in the Intercalary Chapters of The Grapes of Wrath

The plight of the farmers in the Dust Bowl is a generalized plight. The intercalary chapters also show that this plight is not attributable to nature primarily but can be attributed instead to corporate greed, banking policies and politics. In defining the terms of the underlying These chapters depict figure without names, for the most part, helping to demonstrate the idea that what is happening to the Joad family is happening to many other Americans.

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Many complain that the chapters are interruptions in the story proper, or that they split the novel into two distinct sections only loosely related.


We can see this theme articulated in Chapter 5, where the mechanized tools of farming tractors, etc. They are not only attempting to survive and to find work, they are challenged to maintain a sense of humanity along the way i.

Grapes of wrath intercalary chapters essay

While many of the interstitial chapters deal with corporate indifference and a mechanized threat to a human way of life, there are others that depict the positive values that the Joad family often also represents.

Al insists on giving the family a fifteen cent loaf of bread for ten cents, which is all the family can afford.

Then Mae gives the children candy, lying about the price to make it cheaper for them. Their generosity is immediately recognized by two truck drivers in the diner who leave large tips. The actions of Mae and Al show that they are imperfect people but they are willing to help those in need.

They do not treat all their customers as if they were each identical as the powers-that-be in the novel so often do. In recognizing the individuality of the people they encounter, they reinforce the idea that it is possible to understand the plight of another.The intercalary chapters appear throughout The Grapes of Wrath in order to help the reader understand the greater scope of the time period.

For example, chapter 1 gives the setting of the novel by. A Tale of Two Cities contrasts the social and political events taking place in Paris and London during (and prior to) the French Revolution in the mid-to-late eighteenth century. Dickens draws. To practice for the AP English Language exam sample question: Have students write an essay in which they discuss the role of the individual in confronting injustice that synthesizes and uses for support at least five intercalary chapters from The Grapes of .

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