Frames for photoshop editing services

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Frames for photoshop editing services

Duplicate The Background Layer The first thing we need to do to create our matted frame is duplicate the Background layer. The original image sitting on the Background layer. Name the layer "photo" since this will be the layer our photo sits onthen click OK: Naming the new layer in the Duplicate Layer dialog box.

A copy of the Background layer now appears on a new layer named "photo" above the original: The Layers panel showing the new "photo" layer. Selecting the Background layer.

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This opens the Canvas Size dialog box. First, make sure the Relative option is checked. This will let us start with our current canvas size and add additional space to it: The Relative option in the Canvas Size dialog box. With Relative checked, enter the amount of canvas space you want to add for your mat into the Width and Height boxes, using whichever measurement type is easier usually either Pixels or Inches.

When deciding how much space to add, keep in mind that whatever value you enter for the Width will be divided between the left and right sides.

The same thing goes with the Height value. It gets divided between the top and bottom, so entering 2 inches for the Height will add 1 inch of space to the top and 1 inch to the bottom. Enter the amount of extra canvas space you need.

Next, make sure the center square is selected in the Anchor grid directly below the Relative option. Selecting the center square tells Photoshop to add the extra space evenly around the canvas. Finally, since we want our mat to be white, set the Canvas extension color to White: Select the center Anchor grid square and set the Canvas extension color to white.

The image after adding white canvas space around it. Double-click directly on the name "Background" in the Layers panel.

This will pop open the New Layer dialog box. Enter "mat" as the new name for the layer, then click OK: The New Layer dialog box.

Photoshop changes the name of the layer from "Background" to "mat": The newly-renamed "mat" layer. This once again opens the New Layer dialog box. Name the new layer "frame", then click OK: Naming the new layer. A new blank layer named "frame" appears between the "photo" and "mat" layers: The "frame" layer is added between the previous two layers.

This opens the Fill dialog box. Setting the Use option to White in the Fill dialog box. Click on the Layer Styles icon the "fx" icon at the bottom of the Layers panel: Clicking the Layer Styles icon.

Choose Stroke from the list of layer styles that appears:5 packages of photo retouching services with affordable photo retouching rates: Basic - $2, Pro - $5, Extra - $10, High End - $10, Photo Manipulation & Restoration - $ If you need fast and quality image retouching with good photo editing rates – FixThePhoto company is a good choice.

From everyday people to professional photographers, models, artists, and businesses small or large, we specialize in working 1-on-1 with you and provide you with . To discard the altered pixels on a specific frame or video layer, choose the Restore Frame or Restore All Frames command.

To toggle on and off the visibility of altered video layers, choose the Hide Altered Video command (or click the eyeball next to the altered video track in the timeline).

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frames for photoshop editing services

Open a photo of a face that you’d like to retouch. The First step is to make 2 copies of the photo by pressing ctrl+j twice on the layer..

I create two layer is high frequency texture and low frequency blur, click off the eyeball next to the top layer to temporarily hide it. Photoshop Lightroom Photo Editing Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is undeniably one of the most useful and feature rich photo editing tools.

It offers professional level of image editing .

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