Feminist perspective essay example

For many years, some of the gender-biased practices have been vehemently criticized by people belonging to different social and professional circles who argued that they should be completely eliminated. For some, the desired society is the one that has all behaviors not classified as either male or female. However, in some cases, excessive efforts directed at fighting against symptoms of gender discrimination result in aggravation of the problem.

Feminist perspective essay example

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. What then happens when this vital support unit is overwhelmed by domestic violence? In this essay I will try to point out Feminist perspective essay example you the issues of family violence from a feminist point of view and how power and inequality are features of this perception.

To describe this in a feminist way, we have to understand the meaning of feminism. Domestic violence describes a situation where one partner in a relationship is using violent and abusive behaviours in order to dominate and control the other partner. So in a family environment the issues of power and inequality are of great importance.

Men use their dominance in various forms, physical assault being the most common they also use other types of violence, which include, psychological and social abuse. Examples of physical abuse with the objective to injure is varied from slapping, punching and weapon use.

Social abuse includes purposeful isolation, regular supervision and cutting her of from support networks family and friends. Here again the issue of power and the distributaries of rights equality for both man and women seem increasingly stacked in favour of the male.

Family violence also includes not only violence towards the spouse women but also includes violence towards siblings by the dominant partner in most cases the male. In December the United Nations General Assembly invoked a resolution on gender violence called the Declaration on the Elimination of violence against women.

Is it then strange that we find the lack of equality or inequality towards women in an environment that is indeed there for the support that as such family unit offers? Not only does the dominance of inequality and power by the male exist within the family structure, but also has great relevance towards the positions that men hold within our society.

Associate this with the issue of domestic violence; it is not hard to see why men then carry over their influence power, authorities into the family environment.

Why then is it that we have moved forward but the issue of this violence family seems to be more established than before? Theories try to explain the cause and effects whilst some also seem to exemplify the myths behind this type of violence.

But it can reinforce them. Consequently we may possibly suggest that the feminist theory of gender, rights and power authority is a more plausible one. The feministic methodology believes that certain ideals play major roles in contributing towards the issues of domestic violence, which are occurring in our society.

Feminist perspective essay example

Firstly the issue of the violence in a wide-ranging social perception is usually overlooked by other theories. Thirdly additional theories give justification for men to commit these acts of aggression on women by incorporating culpability on factors such as stress, traditional, cultural values or religion as a result allowing men to avoid accountability for their actions.

Fourthly a majority of theories to a certain extent do not take into account the fact that domestic violence is a crime. Feministic theories point out to us the affiliation between the ways in how gender is associated to the power in society.

These ethics are also compounded in ways in, how we adapt with the governing bodies that are mostly dominated by men, such examples are the law, media and the military and many other institutions.

In conclusion we can see the spectacular effects that domestic violence has on women, on society, and in the family environment. The power struggle between the male and his loss and sharing over his rights and power especially in the family has in no uncertainty hindered the pathway to the sharing of equal rights for both men and women.

Feminist perspective essay example

We cannot totally purge the problem of household violence, until we transform the communal characteristics that promote it. For women in society deserve our respect, our faith and above all, they deserve to have the same rights and equality that is freely given to men.

We as a society should value women for what they are, mothers, wifes, lovers, and a great deal more, but above all equals.

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