Extensible business reporting language a.k.a xbrl in malaysia

Securities and Exchanges Commission is diving headfirst into new strategies to increase financial data transparency and accessibility.

Extensible business reporting language a.k.a xbrl in malaysia

Synopsis In its simplest form, like many other web scripting languages, CFML augments standard HTML files with database commands, conditional operatorshigh-level formatting functionsand other elements to produce web applications.

When a web browser requests a page in a ColdFusion application, it is automatically pre-processed by the ColdFusion application server. Despite the name, CFML is not a markup language. The CFML engine is configured in such a way that certain file extensions on the server.

extensible business reporting language a.k.a xbrl in malaysia

In the case of the Java-based engines this is accomplished via Java servlets. It later moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts and then finally to Newton, Massachusetts before being acquired by Macromedia in At the release of version 4, the space in the name was removed to become ColdFusion.

Adobe acquired Macromedia in and is still actively developing ColdFusion. In Alan Williamson and his Scottish company, "n-ary", began creating a templating engine for Java to simplify common programming tasks.

New Atlanta licensed BlueDragon around and made it available as a commercial product, eventually creating a. Open BlueDragon is a fork of the commercial BlueDragon product and was first released in The Railo CFML engine began as a student project in and was first launched as a commercial project in This effort was disbanded in The Google Group CFML Conventional Wisdom was created as a forum for open, public discussions about language and engine features; its use has dwindled since Its function is to push open-source CFML applications and platforms.

Backed by community supporters and members of the Lucee Association, the goal of the project is to provide the functionality of CFML using fewer resources, giving better performance and to move CFML past its roots and into a modern and dynamic Web programming platform.

They are enclosed in angle brackets and generally have zero or more named attributesthough some tags e.

extensible business reporting language a.k.a xbrl in malaysia

Many CFML tags have bodies; that is, they have beginning and end tags with text to be processed between them. If it is legal for tags not to have a body, it is syntactically acceptable to leave them unclosed as in the first example, though many CFML developers choose to self-close tags as in the second example to arguably make the code more legible.


In these cases, as with the second example above, the end tag and hence, the tag body may be omitted and the tag may be self-closing as in the following example: This functionality is used with cfqueryparam to secure web applications and databases from hackers and malicious web requests such as SQL injection.

The following lists CFML tags by their function or purpose.Dec 31,  · The SEC has adopted the U.S. GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy, which is used for creating and submitting tagged interactive data files in extensible business reporting language (XBRL), the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) said in a press release Tuesday.

Feb 12,  · eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) Reporting Services in Malaysia XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), is an XML-based computer software language that is designed specifically for the automation of business information requirements – it makes the analysis and exchange of corporate financial information easier and more reliable by allowing data to be extracted 5/5(7).

This is a project that is striving to digitalise companies’ financial reports as well as their annual returns. All this will be based on the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) format. This format allows for compliance that is required by the Companies Act USE is a system for the specification and validation of information systems based on a subset of the Unified Modeling Language are all strictly quality controlled, superbly documented, and commercially licensable.

The behavior of active objects (a.k.a. actors) is specified in QP by yet flexible and lightweight reporting server. Examining the Adoption of Extensible Business Reporting Language among Public Listed Companies in Malaysia Azleen Iliasa, Erlane K Ghanib* Malaysia Abstract This study examines the adoption of an accounting information systems language known as Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) among public listed companies in Malaysia.

Using. This Heads Up discusses requirements related to the use of XBRL— eXtensible Business Reporting Language — by foreign private issuers in their financial data submitted to the SEC. This site uses cookies to provide you with a more responsive and personalised service.

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