Eurasianet photo essay

Melons[ edit ] Melon vendor from SamarkandRussian Turkestan picture taken around to In the culinary arena, Turkmenistan is perhaps most famous for its melonsespecially in the former Soviet Unionwhere it was once the major supplier. Though very few melons are exported today, [1] they are a great source of national pride in Turkmenistan and subject of their own Melon Day holiday. Turkmen sources claim the country is home to up to distinct varieties. Turkmen bread is prepared differently from other breads in the region in thick, round disc-shaped loaves baked in a traditional tamdyr clay oven.

Eurasianet photo essay

The collection of books on or displaying photography is huge. If I started today, there is no way I could look at all of them. So the goal then, in the interest of attainable goals, is to scratch the surface a bit. But also, to type out my thoughts and words in any other place than my notebook, which is where most of my thoughts go to never be heard from again.

Some stand out quotes: What did it mean, over the course of those years, to take photographs of individuals without status, to spend time with the stranger, the foreigner, the different -the Other- if not an attempt to find, in that other, what one believes vaguely to be an indiscernable projection of oneself?

The other who is within and whom we discover every now and again in a viewfinder. It deforms things, enlarges them, dwarfs them, gets in front of them, highlights them, chisels them out, pours over or away from them like lava, Isolated, it provides inordinate proof of the absent thing.

Animals, children, people sleeping in the street- these are the icons of bad photography. The images are never formal versus subject driven. They are all formal and subject driven. Each frame makes you do what all good photography does- stop and look.

And in a way that is no longer intellectual, but instinctual. Respectively, from Exiles, Gitans, Chaos.Chal is typically prepared by first souring camel milk in a skin bag or ceramic jar by adding previously soured milk. " A Bleak Picture of Village Life in the Desert.

EurasiaNet photo essay, 10/25/02 Main ingredients: Camel milk. The latest Tweets from Eurasianet (@EurasiaNet). Critical perspectives and on-the-ground reporting from and about EurasiaAccount Status: Verified. Turkmen cuisine, the cuisine of Turkmenistan, is similar to that of the rest of Central Asia.

Eurasianet photo essay

Plov (pilaf) is the staple, everyday food, which is also served at celebrations. It consists of chunks of mutton, carrots and rice fried in a large cast-iron cauldron similar to a Dutch oven. This EurasiaNet photo essay documents the impact of mosque closures in Baku. Officials in Baku in the past few years have closed, or issued demolition orders for numerous mosques in the capital city.

The mosque closings have inconvenienced perhaps thousands of pious Azeris, who have been forced to travel greater distances to attend Friday.

World's largest Yazidi temple under construction in Armenia a photo essay. Read more told EurasiaNet. A EurasiaNet Photo Essay by Jonas Bendiksen Text by Laara Matsen On April 16, Russia announced that it would henceforth launch military satellites at the Pletsnesk cosmodrome in northern Russia, ending the practice of launching satellites from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

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