Community treatment program

When a person with a severe mental illness does not respond to traditional outpatient therapy, other approaches may be necessary in order to provide the best care. There are a variety of treatment options available to Dual Diagnosis patients but sometimes an individual needs all-around care that focuses on more than the illness and addiction. Assertive community treatment ACT does just that but takes therapy a step farther than integrated treatment.

Community treatment program

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Community treatment program

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Residential treatment for SUDs emerged in the late s out of the self-help recovery movement, which included groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Assertive community treatment (ACT) is an intensive and highly integrated approach for community mental health service delivery.

Long-Term Residential Treatment

ACT programs serve outpatients whose symptoms of mental illness lead to serious functioning difficulties in several major areas of life, often including work, social relationships, residential independence, money management, and physical health and wellness. For more than forty years, AdCare’s substance abuse treatment centers have been providing patients and their loved ones with life-changing alcohol and .

Community treatment program

The First Responders Addiction Treatment Program reaching out to police, firefighters, emergency personnel and combat veterans. Alcoholism or other dependencies complicate the stress and physical and emotional trauma of dealing with life-threatening situations. COMTREA Main Office: Festus, Missouri Phone: Fax: This health center receives HHS funding and has Federal Public Health Services (PHS) deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical .

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