An analysis of the conflict in a worn path from the collected works of eudora welty

Exploring the legend of the phoenix in light of "A Worn Path. Fiction K - English - Words: There are several symbols and references made during the course of the story to the legend of the phoenix.

An analysis of the conflict in a worn path from the collected works of eudora welty

Her account was about her journey from her quiet rural life to town in order to get the medicine for her beloved grandson who, two years ago, accidentally swallowed lye.

His injury did not fully heal, and from time to time, his throat would swell so much that it made him difficult to swallow and breathe. That may be true if we do not consider the rich symbolisms, themes, and other issues. The story was written and first published in in Atlantic Weekly; thus, we can assume that the story happened in the same year.

That same year, as we all know, the world entered into the World War II. She seemed not to care of the ongoing World War that was then happening; rather, her life seemed to revolve around her grandson whom, as we can see, she loved so much.

An Analysis of Eudora Wetly’s “A Worn Path” – Hiraeth and Saudade Having swallowed lye, he has suffered without healing for several years. Phoenix has made the journey enough times that her path to Natchez seems a worn path.
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Navigate Guide Summary Analysis In December a very old black woman walks slowly through a pine forest. Her name is Phoenix Jackson.

The story also talks about poverty. The year was not only marked by the start of the Second World War but also of poverty that was a reality to many—particularly to blacks and to the people from the rural Southwest where Mississippi is located.

We can also assume that, at her age, Phoenix Jackson might have been born in the age of American slavery of the blacks Wetly par. Another sign of poverty is how Phoenix Jackson was describe as wearing red rags on her hair and an apron made form sugar sacks ibid.

The story also presents the subtle racism that blacks receive from the whites. Although in the entire story, we cannot read anything that suggests bigotry toward the Phoenix Jackson, there are scenes where we can infer that the whites treated her in such a condescending way.

Not only that, this remark also implied that the white hunter trivialized her trek to acquire the medicine for her grandson. This scene of the story shows us how the whites regard the blacks.

Phoenix Jackson went all through the obstacles she had to face in order to acquire the medicine for her grandson—who, as we can assume, in the boundary of life and death from his swollen throat. She showed genuine maternal instinct and and sincere concern for one that might have meant the entire world to her.

She readily gave up all the idea of going back and staying home because of her old age, the distance from their remote niche to the clinic where she was to get the medicine, and the danger that she might face on her way to the clinic. Her perseverance is also another highlight.

On paragraph 54, she said that she is bound to go on her way; this implies that no matter how hard and worn the path may be, she would still go on. Other themes of the story that can also be seen in the modern day world today are lie, guilt, and duty.

An analysis of the conflict in a worn path from the collected works of eudora welty

Lie is shown both by Phoenix Jackson and the hunter. However, the hunter showed no guilt for his earlier act of pointing the gun at Phoenix—an act that should have elicited guilt.

The story allegorically referred to life as the journey itself through a worn path. The obstacles that Phoenix Jackson faced alludes to the real-life hardships, temptations, lies, aggressions, and the like that we all face.

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An analysis of the conflict in a worn path from the collected works of eudora welty

It was December—a bright frozen day in the early morning. Far out in the country there was an old Negro woman with her head tied red rag, coming along a path through the pinewoods. A Worn Path by Eudora Welty The short story “ A Worn Path ” by Eudora Welty depicts the struggle of a black woman in a white society.

The protagonist in the story is an old black woman, Phoenix Jackson who travels through a worn path in the woods to acquire medicine for her grandson. A Sense of Accomplishment. Sometimes our life is like an obstacle course, consisting of obstacles in which we have to overcome. Eudora Welty's short story "A Worn Path" takes place on a "bright, frozen day" in December/5(12).

On a cold December day, an elderly woman named Phoenix Jackson makes her way along a remote path, narrating the journey to herself as she goes. She traverses different kinds of terrain—hills, . Literary Analysis of "A Worn Path" In "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty, an elderly woman travels along a worn path to town.

Phoenix Jackson's journey along the path to town is symbolic of the path /5(8). An Analysis of Phoenix Jackson and the Symbolism of "A Worn Path" Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path" is a story rich in mythological tales and figures, the most prominent being the legend of the phoenix.

There are several symbols and references made during .

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