5th class english essays for intermediate

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5th class english essays for intermediate

Introduction Distribute copies of the What is an Opinion sheet. Through discussion, have the students help you develop a definition for the word "opinion.

Have students take out paper and pencils. Each student will now write a two paragraph essay stating one of his opinions, as well as three reasons why he has that opinion.

Distribute the Conclusion worksheets. Have students use it to summarize their stated opinions and reasons. Work as a group to understand the parts of an persuasive essay and establish expectations for the final writing assignment. Have students select a topic to write on. Hand out copies of the My Topic worksheet.

On the board, model how to state an opinion on the topic. You may want to choose a different topic to model so students do not copy your examples.

It is crucial that students understand how to give relevant reasons to support their opinion. Give some examples of reasons that do not support your opinion, and discuss with students why these reasons are not valid support for your opinion.

Demonstrate proficient supporting reasons for an opinion. Discuss and check for student understanding.

5th class english essays for intermediate

Tell the students they will try this strategy on their My Topic worksheets. Ask them to write down their topic, opinion, and three supporting reasons. Have students volunteer to read their opinion and one of their reasons.

Discuss student answers and have students contribute to giving feedback. Continue with this activity until most students seem to have a clear understanding of how to write a supporting reason. Introduce the connector words "because," "since," and "for example.

Tell students they will be practicing this strategy with the next practice sheet.Subject name: Compulsory English-I Course Code: Level: Intermediate (FA / heartoftexashop.com / heartoftexashop.com) Year and Semester: Autumn () English subject is compulsory for all students in any college, In the same manner, in AIOU Comp English-I is necessary for every student of part 1 Intermediate level.

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Intermediate Level Paragraph Correction Worksheets Answer Key - This is the answer key to intermediate level worksheets.

Intermediate Paragraph Correction Worksheet 1. You can get the Important English Essays For 12th Class Inter 2nd Year from this page for all the educational board of Punjab. Well according to the announced Date sheet for the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE officials the English subject exam is .

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Writing Opinion Essays. July 28, | by Susan Russell. Lesson plan. Tell Me About It! Writing Opinion Essays English Language Arts and Reading. Grade /5(3). Click on the map or use the pull-down menu to find your location-specific resources.

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